Our childhood is filled with fun, happy and wild memories. Some of us remember the wrong things we used to do back then.

As for Dwayne Johnson “The Rock”, he remembers a 7-Eleven store that he used to shoplift Snickers bar chocolates from.

He used to go to the Hawaiian store every single day for nearly a year to shoplift.

Now that he is making millions, he figured that he could go back and pay for his wrongs.

He admits that he was “broke as hell” when he was 14 years old.

The same clerk was there every day and always just turned her head and never busted me. I’ve exercised a few big demons over the years (I still have a few left;) so I know this one seems VERY SILLY, but every time I come back home to Hawaii and drive by 7-11…I always knew I needed to go in and clean out every Snickers bar they had – the right way

Everyone was surprised when he walked into the store and bought all the Snickers bar…. he even paid for everyone else’s shopping while he was there.

Everyone was thankful to him for paying for their groceries, but The Rock was the most thankful that he was finally able to get that demon off his back.

It’s nice to see that he actually went back to make up for stealing chocolates! I would go back and pay the supermarkets for the grapes I used to eat as samples (after checking the cameras)

but I’m not that rich!!!