This was sent in and I’d have to say… It just made me laugh so hard… I love how the class came up with this

BTW this was out of good fun and is not meant to be taken seriously but I know so many would be able to relate to

Here are the 10 rules the Dudley Ex Scholars have come up with for their 125th anniversary… specifically the year 2005 students


1.By 3pm please put all phones on flight mode.

2.All phones should be on full battery to take pics only.

3.Go live in the chat group only not tik tok.

4. When posting, please do not tag the rest.
DO NOT TAG 🧐 we will have to individually check your fb pages for pics ourselves.

5. Cook 3 days meal before leaving home today and to boys, well you be you but when your wife comes for you at the grounds, drau qei vilewai yani ni sa tukuni me off na phone me off.

6. Pay extra money for individual baby sitter incase you forget the front door to your house.

7. Leave all wedding vows at the porch of your homes, we all know we going to see our exes and crushes today 😉.

8. Have an emergency contact on u, incase u end up somewhere else in this 3days of celebrations.

9. Check phone after every 3 hrs incase your baby daddies want to burn the house down and this goes for u OBs too.

10. Enjoy while it last coz come monday its back to reality.😁


which rule do you find the funniest out of the 10??