A murderer who killed his ex-new girlfriend’s boyfriend while they were in bed while intoxicated goads a police officer and boasts, “I know what happened,” before returning to the scene.

Adrian Ellingford, 44, was killed by Marek Hecko, 26, last summer as he was in bed at a residence in Chelmsford, Essex. Hecko was sentenced to life in prison today.

Before she ended their relationship, he was seeing Mr Ellingford’s partner, but he kept thinking obsessively about her and would frequently send unsolicited texts and videos.

Hecko is seen stumbling towards an officer after returning to the residence and consuming a sizable bottle of brandy in bodycam video obtained by police.

I know what happened, and I know the people involved, he murmurs to her. You need me to determine what transpired because I know what happened. You won’t know what happened if you don’t have me.

He then continued to explain in great detail how the crime was carried out.