Three Super Rugby Pacific Matches in  Churchill Park this year and Lautoka did not disappoint, coming out in numbers to support our beloved Drua Team.

With people coming from all over Fiji and some from across the seas just to watch the latest clash of the Super Rugby Teams, it was a day filled with excitement and jaw-dropping skills from both teams.

When it comes to Rugby, it’s safe to say that Fiji as a Nation is a country that is crazy about the sport and when it comes to supporting our team we always try to show up. Three back-to-back wins in Churchill Park for the Drua Mens Team this year and it has the people of Fiji partying nonstop, especially the fans of Lautoka.

With Heavy Rain pouring that did not dim the spirits of fans in Lautoka who showed up in numbers to show their support. People in Lautokyo as they like to call it were covered with rain clouds all day but fans did not let that stop them from staying up until the whistle blew at full time. Fans of the Sugar City stood in the rain all day for their love of Rugby and the Drua Team.