Ok ok… I know you gang probably want to know how the date went right?

Surprisingly it went well and we all enjoyed the night

A few highlights though that you won’t see in the video


The beginning was pretty awkward let’s not guise it… in fact, I actually cringed with how I greeted the girl, LMAO

But aside from that… later into the night, it was a nice surprise to actually have a proper conversation with someone

She was pretty confident and overall a good sport… especially considering the fact there were lights and cameras on not forgetting strangers on set


Here is a fun fact… Joey and I had this bet that ran throughout the date, to make sure we were on our best behaviour

The bet was if one of us were to crack up laughing they’d have to shout lunch

UNFORTUNATELY, no one could have prepared me for the MENU that night

Not only did Joana make up the names for the food, but she also crammed down the made-up names

I owe her lunch now


The initial plan for the date was to have everything on the rooftop, but due to weather conditions, the team did a setup on the balcony

That was all great but by the time the date was in full swing… the skies cleared up…

I saw this and I just low-key told Joey I was planning on taking her to the roof just to complete the experience

Joey after hearing me continued packing up but I noticed with more haste

So we finished off from the balcony making our way out of the building then I told the girl to follow me

We started ascending the stairs, but there was something I noticed… there were rose petals on the steps

And I’ll admit even I was surprised when we both got to the rooftop, there were candles all over and the edge was lit up to set a magical mood

Bruuhhh… I did NOT see this coming… the last part of the video wasn’t scripted, oh and so was the dance

Yeah so the genuine moments were pretty cool


Overall this was an experience, not only for the girl… but even for me, it was amazing and we had fun


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