A crowd of drivers in New Zealand are planning to protest against soaring petrol prices by filling up their car tanks and driving around the country.

The campaign circulating on social media invites people to fill up the tanks and then meet in Wellington on Sunday to create a convoy



The campaign poster reads:

Start your engines get ready to roll! Stand up to fuel prices New Zealand-wide!

People on social media have pointed out the irony of the posts pointing out that the protest against high fuel prices involves purchasing a lot of fuel:

  • Protesting rising fuel prices by driving is possibly the silliest thing I’ve heard.
  • Must be nice to have the time and money to just aimlessly drive around.
  • That does not make sense, driving to stand up against fuel prices ?
  • Can’t afford the petrol
  • Oh yeah? I’m gonna protest high food prices by buying a bunch of food and throwing it away!