This past weekend’s Paris Fashion Week was crowned by Doja Cat.

The singer of “Need to Know” arrived at the Schiaparelli Haute Couture fashion show dressed in a crimson crystal-studded gown.

On the opening day of Couture Week, Doja made a dramatic arrival decked out in trompe l’oeil toe boots, a crimson silk faille bustier, a hand-knit skirt made of lacquered wooden beads, and 30,000 hand-placed Swarovski crystals.

Pat McGrath, a well-known makeup artist, brought “Doja’s Inferno” to life. According to McGrath’s Instagram post, the businesswoman and beauty artist hand-applied each crystal to Doja’s skin for “4 hours and 58 minutes.” The singer and style icon had her skin painted, her skin covered in caps, and then her body was covered in crystals and gold dust.

The scorching appearance stood out in the throng while also making sense. According to the show notes, the Schiaparelli collection on display included numerous allusions to Dante’s The Divine Comedy and muddled the distinctions between real bodies, works of art, and inanimate objects.

The supermodels strolling down the catwalk had gold-painted faces and glittering golden bodies, strikingly resembling the blinged-out beauty look Doja wore to Paris Fashion Week last year. While Doja Cat, 27, was a walking ruby, the actual collection consisted much more of walking gold.