In a post shared on TikTok, Stranger Things actor Noah Schnapp revealed that the rapper asked him to be set up with his co-star, Joseph Quinn.

Schnapp, who portrays Will Byers in the wildly popular Netflix series, uploaded a video to TikTok that shows someone comparing themselves to Doja after she called it “f*c$ing criminal” how attractive the Stranger Things newcomer is.

she wrote in a DM to Schnapp

“Noah can u tell Joseph to hmu. Wait no. Does he have a gf?” ,

Noah Schanapp is such a great wingman his reply is everything

“LMAOO slide into his dms.”

She then suggested that she couldn’t find him on Instagram.

“IDK his IG or Twitter. He doesn’t have a dm to slide in,”

Schnapp, ever the good samaritan, shared Quinn’s IG page in his follow-up.

“Right here ma’am,”

Not to sure if Doja has since slid into Quinn’s DM yet.

Prior to hitting up Schnapp, Doja was very vocal about her crush on Quinn. “Joseph Quinn fine as shit,” she tweeted shortly after the new season dropped on Netflix.

It’s unclear if Quinn actually runs his own social media accounts or not, but we wish Doja all the best in her romantic pursuits.

We’re not mad at the audacity, we just wish she were lusting after someone … better. No shade to Joseph.


(Source: B.Scott)