A friend of mine was complaining to me… and I wonder if all fathers face this same problem…

So on Tuesday, he noticed his daughter… veeerry very respectably…

Sat down with her mother and almost did a whole traditional protocol…

While she asked her mom if her friends could come over

My dearest mother, I come before you with nothing but respect and the outmost reverence, may your beauty forever be aknowledged amoung the women of Fiji… I humbly request if my friends could come drink at home

that’s when the mother replied

“Go ask your father”

That’s when my friend noticed, THERE WAS NO FORMAL PROTOCOL when it came to Fathers

While he was observing from the kitchen he saw his daughter get up from kneeling, head bowed in front of her mother, to casually walking up to him hugging him and THANKED HIM IN ADVANCE for allowing her friends to come over and drink