So, a California ophthalmologist recently shocked the internet by posting a video of herself removing 23 forgotten contact lenses from a patient’s eye.


Last month, an eye doctor out of California, posted an Instagram video of herself removing a few contact lenses from a patient’s eye. ‘A few’ maybe isn’t the right word to use in this context, she removed no less than 23 old contact lenses that her patient, an elderly woman, had forgotten in her eye for months, maybe even years.

The video went viral a few days ago, leaving us and millions scratching their heads about someone who could simply forget that many contact lenses in their eye.

Some of them appeared to have turned green after being in there for a long period of time.

Believe it or not, 23 contact lenses in one eye isn’t even a record. A few years ago, a 67-year-old woman from the UK had forgotten a whopping 27 contact lenses in her eye over 35 years. Turaaaaaaaaaagaaaa!


Important life lesson from this story “Never sleep in your contact lenses


(Source: Oddity)