The time of day heavily influences your brain’s ability to learn and your brain learns more effectively at night

If night-time is when you feel like you are most productive, or when you have time to study, then don’t panic. Just as there are plenty of positives for studying during the day, there are various reasons why night-time is the best time to study for some.

The most obvious advantage of studying at night is the abundance of peace and quiet you have. Night-time is when people are more relaxed, quiet and contemplative. That environment can be exactly what some people need to get into the right headspace for study.

If you find that you can’t get a breakthrough on a project during the day, try taking a look after dark. You might find that you’re looking at things in a new way.

At night, the pressures of the daytime behind them, many feel that their mind is free to wander through more alternatives at night. And this can be useful for assessment writing or working on creative pursuits.

Many authors, songwriters and scientists prefer to work at night because they feel that they tend to think more creatively after hours. This is backed up by a study completed at the University of the Sacred Heart in Milan which showed that night owls were more likely to be creative than early birds


[Source: OpenColleges]