Dinosaurs have taken over the World, well that’s what the new trailer for ‘Jurassic World: Dominion’ in the opening cut suggests. The third instalment for the Jurassic World franchise is absolutely mind-blowing. There is an element of what if? when you’re watching the trailer what would real life be like if dinos roamed the earth….well it would be scary but this film looks to be top-notch as we hype up 2022.

As you watch the trailer you find that everything has come full circle and this could be an opportunity to introduce the younger gang to¬† “Jurassic Park”. Well, now that the cats are out of the bag we will see more members of the JP movies make comebacks so you can expect a whole lot of action and most importantly a whole lot of Dinosaurs.

You know what you check out the Trailer:



Set one eh? Super keen to watch this.