The Festival of Lights will not be the same for those who reside in Delhi.

People who let off firecrackers in Delhi during Diwali will face up to six months in jail, the city’s Environment Minister has announced amid worsening pollution levels in the Indian capital.

The rules are part of a broader ban on firecrackers announced in September to help curb extreme pollution.

Delhi is the world’s most polluted capital.

Various factors such as factory emissions, traffic fumes, and general weather patterns contribute to the high pollution levels in the city.

Many have taken to social media to share their thoughts on this ban, and how it saddens them, but are happy that such has been put forth.

Hats off to the Environment Minister for going through with this. It mustn’t have been easy to come to such a conclusion, but it’s for the benefit of the people, the capital, and the country.

There are obviously other ways they can still celebrate without firecrackers. They surely won’t let this dampen their spirits!

Happy Diwali!!