In a brilliant burst of cobalt-colored light, Warner Bros. is tapping into the lore of one of DC Comics’ lesser-know characters

with the debut of “Blue Beetle’s” first trailer.

The B-list crusader that was first revealed in the pages Fox Comics’ “Mystery Men Comics #1” in 1939,

then was later seen in Charlton Comics titles before leaping over to join DC’s crowded roster.

This El Paso, Texas teenager bonds with an ancient alien scarab that provides his surging azure-tinted superpowers

which transform Reyes into an ominous insectoid avenger clad in alien armor allowing sustained flight and blasting bolts

of coherent energy from appendages.

After watching the seemingly exciting trailer that was directed by Puertorican filmmaker Angel Manuel Soto,

I was not sure whether I was watching a DC movie or a Marvel one.

It is a huge contrast to the usual dark and brooding nature of the DC cinematic universe

as this movie promises more color, witty humor and just a family friendly treat.


I guess what it asks of us is to keep an open mind.