Garry and Santa doll


Christmas is a time for cheer and celebrations with your loved ones and many families look forward to decorating their homes and trees together.

For one family in Kent, the festive season comes with fear and trepidation rather than joy thanks to the dad’s unusual phobia.

Since he was a small child, Garry Hollidge has suffered from a phobia of the man dressed in red and this seasonal scare has wreaked havoc on his life.

Upon seeing Santa, the 57-year-old says he suffers from shortness of breath and gets cold sweats, and admits his anxiety “skyrockets” as the winter months approach.

Real life Santa isn’t a problem for the dad, instead it’s the little moving decorations that keep him awake at night.

He said:

“It’s the little weird dancing figures that freak me out, as they are really creepy and it’s the way they move that’s horrible – I can’t bear it. As soon as the little Santa starts jiggling, I start to break out in a cold sweat and it’s terrible, as it runs down my back, around my neck and my palms go really clammy,””

Sadly for Garry, his parents then bought one of these creepy Santas in an attempt to help him conquer his fear – but this only made things worse.

Isa, poor guy… imagine being terrorized by a holiday