In only one week, a couple from Michigan hit two very different jackpots!


The spouse, a 57-year-old Livingston County resident, recently purchased a Diamond & Pearls ticket at the E-Z Mart located on West Houghton Lake Drive in Prudenville, according to Michigan lottery authorities.


The press announcement on Wednesday stated that the ticket, which was bought the day after the man got married, ended up winning.


The man claimed that upon learning that the ticket was a $1 million winner, he and his spouse “were in disbelief.”
According to lottery organizers, the winner would get the prize as a lump sum payment of around $693,000.


It’s unclear how the man, who is currently unidentified, “plans to invest his winnings.”


According to lottery authorities, players of the $10 Diamonds & Pearls game, which debuted in August, have won more than $14 million.

They also mentioned that there are still 18 $2,000 prizes and two $1 million rewards available through the game.


Source: People