According to reports, a cruel couple in India was detained after they allegedly sold their 8-month-old infant to pay for an iPhone 14 and create Instagram clips while on the road.


The disturbing story of a young West Bengali couple who were so fixated with Apple’s newest handheld that they sold their infant to purchase one was covered in Indian media last week.


When Jaydev and Sathi Ghosh began touring the state while flaunting their brand-new Apple iPhone 14, they began drawing the attention of their neighbors in North 24 Parganas. The abrupt adjustment didn’t make sense because the couple had a history of having a modest monthly income and frequent financial difficulties.


Particularly considering that it had happened at the same time as their kid, who was eight months old, mysteriously vanished. Jaydev and Sathi didn’t seem at all bothered about this.


After being unable to get a straight answer from the couple regarding their toddler’s abrupt departure, the couple’s neighbors informed the local authorities of the child’s absence. The mother, Sathi, confessed to selling the 8-month-old child to the woman during the subsequent police investigation so she and Jaydev could purchase an iPhone 14 and make Instagram reels while touring the state of Bengal together.


“After questioning, the mother admitted to the crime and said she and her husband planned to use the funds to travel around the state to create content for Instagram reels,” a police report stated.