In essence, a woman’s boyfriend felt really irritated when she didn’t tell him about previous cosmetic treatments she had had. According to the girlfriend, this is the full situation:

In essence, a woman didn’t inform her lover about previous cosmetic treatments she had had, and the boyfriend got very angry. As described by the girlfriend, here is the complete scenario.

“Moving on to the present, everything has been wonderful since I met Max through a friend. I was with him on the couch last night, looking through my social media. I stumbled onto a former classmate’s vacation photo where she was wearing a bikini and, quite simply, had pretty visible implants (she looks fantastic, so congrats to her!). However, you can tell.”

“When Max caught his reflection, he exclaimed, “Gross.” He explained that men are generally quite turned off by women who have implants or other types of surgery, that men prefer natural features over two balloons, and that she appears to be very insecure.”

“I responded with a chuckle, “So, you’re turned off by me?” He questioned what I meant after becoming really perplexed. I told him that I had had operations done in the past. Until I showed him old pictures of me, he said I was joking and refused to believe it.”

“After a moment of silence, he abruptly left. I received a text message telling me that I should have told him about this on our first date, how I made him feel, and that he has to think about it. The next day has come. Since I haven’t heard anything, I’m confused. AITA?”

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