A Chinese corporation has replaced its annual employee bonus program with an exercise-encouraging system that offers financial incentives to staff members who exercise regularly.
A paper firm in Guangdong Province, China called Guangdong Dongpo Paper recently made waves across the world when it switched from a typical performance-based employee compensation program to one based on athletic performance. Management made the decision to incentivize its 100 employees according to their level of activity in order to encourage a healthy lifestyle. For instance, if a worker runs 50 kilometers each month, they will be qualified for the entire bonus amount.

For every 40 kilometers ran, they will receive 60% of the incentive, and for every 30 kilometers, 30%. If runners can demonstrate that they completed more than 100 kilometers in a single month, they will receive a 30% extra.
The CEO of Dongpo Paper, Lin Zhiyong, stated,

“My business can only survive if my employees are healthy.”

He went on to say that he has spent the previous three years pushing his staff to be active and enjoy sports.

Every employee’s distance ran is measured by an app on their phones, which also accounts for other physical activity like fast walking and mountain trekking, which may make up 30 and 60 percent of the total amount of exercise necessary, respectively.

The initiative has shown to be quite successful, and according to Lin Zhiyong—who happens to be a bit of an exercise enthusiast—all staff are eligible to receive the whole incentive.

Chinese media reports that Dongpo Paper employees are overjoyed with the new bonus system, saying they can now “get both health and money” and “kill two birds with one stone” because of the firm. Although online comments on the new policy have been largely supportive, some people think it may encourage prejudice.


SOURCE: odditycentral