A Belgian company has developed a water processing installation that allows it to convert pig’s blood into water fit for human consumption.

Based in Zwevezele, West Flanders, Veos specializes in producing animal proteins for the food industry by processing animal blood and collagen into high-quality protein powder used in human and animal food products.

Until recently, the company relied solely on large quantities of groundwater to clean the massive tanks it stored pig blood in, but, thanks to a €2 million investment in a state-of-the-art water purification installation, Veos can actually use the stored pig blood to make drinkable water.

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“To reinforce our sustainable ambitions and keep groundwater at the right level, we started looking for an alternative,” Veos co-CEO Robert Slee said, adding that the large treatment plant can provide 150,000 liters of potable water per day.

“Specifically, we are going to thicken blood during the production process to then vacuum dry it later,” the Veos co-founder explained the purification process. “During that process, water vapor is released from the blood. We let that condense until it’s water again. That water will now be purified thanks to the new water treatment plant so it can be used in the production process.”

Thanks to this new alternative, Veos will need to pump 40 percent less groundwater. It will use most of the water distilled from pig blood to clean its tanks, although the water is perfectly drinkable, as evidenced by Veos employees toasting with glasses full of the stuff.