The new dates for the Coca-Cola Games is now 18th to 20th August 2022.

The Ministry of Education says the initial dates announced by the Ministry had to be changed due to the unavailability of the venue.

It says generally Coke Games are held at the end of Term 1 but this year Term 1 began in April instead of January, so the dates originally set clashed with the dates of other games which are normally held in the month of July.

The Ministry has since held further discussions with the game organisers and some Heads of schools to come up with new dates that will not affect internal and external school examinations. The Education Ministry says all game organisers, parents and students must understand that the school year 2022 is another disrupted year where teachers are trying to recover learning loss.

It says while a number of other games will be held during the month of August, students will be able to select the games that they wish to participate in.

The Ministry reiterates that while it encourages students to participate in the games because it helps with their balanced growth and development, it cannot allow the events to impede academic activities.

It also says given that this is an unusual year, we will need to do the best we can to accommodate the games.

The Ministry says the dates may not be ideal but given the issues with other dates these dates have been broadly agreed with.


Source: Fijivillage