Chris Brown is one of the most prolific dancers to ever grace this earth, so if he invites you for a lap dance don’t try and film it personally.

The R&B superstar was performing during his “Under the Influence” tour in Berlin on Wednesday when he invited a lucky female fan on stage for a lap dance. While Chris and his dancers serenaded her with the sexy routine to his 2007 hit “Take You Down,” she insisted on filming it all on her phone instead of living in the moment.

Let’s just say she learned the hard way that you need to stay focused during a lappy from Breezy. Yeah, Chris grabbed her phone at yeeted it off the stage.

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On Instagram, Chris reposted a video of the viral moment, writing “F**k dat phone” alongside the laughing emoji.


But not to worry, the fan’s phone was returned to her at the end of the night.

Shawty got her phone back to.

She was lucky she was amongst honest people cause that phone was as good as gone!!


Chris recently teamed up with Chlöe Bailey on their new collaboration “How Does It Feel,” but the song didn’t come without controversy. Former 3LW member Kiely Williams criticized Chris by bringing up his history with Rihanna, prompting him to clap back.

The moral of the story is Savour the moment Chris Brown is giving you a lap dance or your phone will pay the price.

(Source: RapUp)