Part of the Current FM96 team L to R: Esther, Maraia, Tifa, Penny, and Waimoana


It’s the 5th of July and that means it’s FM96’s Birthday!!!!

Today, we reminisced as a team on the good times and the bad times and everything else in between while we celebrated our birthday.


Throwback photo of previous FM96 personalities L to R: Mere Nailatikau, Amelia Rigsby, Maree Stewart, xx, Joana Ravono


We wanted to celebrate our birthday with you by sharing some throwback photos of our earlier years with you and to be honest, some of the photos have caught us off-guard ourselves.

It’s crazy how far we’ve come from the clueless teenagers scared to enter the workplace to some of the biggest mouths in Fiji (and that’s on facts!)


Drix in his early FM96 days


Going around the office, we even interviewed some members of the FM96 team that have moved on to other departments in Communications Fiji Limited and it was nice to see that they still hold their FM96 memories very close to their hearts.

You can actually more of our throwback photos on our Facebook page.


Cokes Games team 2014 L to R: Save Waqa, Mere Moto, Alex Ligairi, Penny LIdo


If you’ve been with us as far back as you can remember and you’re still with us right now, thank you for being on this beautiful journey with us. We love you.


Esther with the Zimboys at Fiji Showcase in 2018


Happy birthday to us.