One common thing a cat parent can relate to is their cat’s love for running water. Here are six reasons why they love it.

1.Some cats prefer running water because, for them, it is simply fun to play with & they like how it splashes.

2. Cats are attracted to the sound of running water since hearing helps them get around in the wild. Still waters are harder to detect by the look or sound, while running water can be detected well both by sight and sound.

3.Cats can’t get enough of running water when they are thirsty. Running water looks the freshest to cats, so cats often prefer that over a water bowl that can collect dust.

4. Cats don’t like it when still water touches their whiskers because it is connected to their nervous system & when their whiskers touch the water, this can create stress for them.

5. Cats’ bowls are often placed in a corner where their backs are exposed, they like to be completely in control of their surroundings which the bowl placement doesn’t allow.


6. The final reason is that cats can sense that running water is safer to drink. Apparently, cats have an instinct telling them drinking running water is safer to drink than still water.

So, if you’re a Cat Lover, we wouldn’t want to pressure you to leave your tap on resulting in your bills blowing through the roof but of course you can turn it on every now and then for your little friend.