Forgetting one’s belongings in a cab is not something unusual, but when it happens, it’s not often that you get your things returned.

Most of the time, especially when it’s a phone, after trying to call it for the first few times, whoever has found your phone will have turned it off and is currently trying to find a way to unlock your phone so that they can either sell it or use it themselves.

With Joana, it’s not an uncommon thing for her to forget her phone in a taxi.

Yesterday, it happened again.

She was on her way home and after she got off, she realized that she had forgotten her phone in the taxi.

She rushed back to work to try and track with the help of Find My iPhone.

When she got to work, then she realized that she didn’t have her apple account log in details with her.

Knowing this, she decided to use Penny’s phone to call her phone and she prayed that whoever found it had a good heart to return the phone to her.

After calling it a few times, she was ready to give up when a woman answered the phone.

The woman said her name is Bernadette and that she was at Sacred Heart Cathedral.

Marcus, one of Joana’s colleagues, then offered to drive Joana and Penny to Sacred Heart to retrieve her phone.

You can watch the journey unfold in the video below.

@fm96.2fjBunene dropped ber iPhone in a cab today ‼️ Watch the video to find out if she gets it back it or not 😅😅

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