The weather was cold and wet, and everyone was rushing home in the pouring rain

Critters and creepy crawlies were all seeking shelter because of the weather

All Joey was thinking of after a long tiring day of work was getting home, having a nice long shower then brewing herself a well-deserved hot cuppa coffee before retiring to bed

The cab stopped in front of her gate, she paid the fare and got out of the taxi

She then turned to run towards her front door

She safely got into the house, in fact, she managed to do everything she had thought of doing

It was when she was in bed… when “It” happened


No description available.


A baby centipede had taken shelter under her pillow and after being disturbed by Bunene’s huge head hitting the pillow

The poor baby centipede crept out from under the pillow and POUNCED from where it was and started CHEWING on bunene’s kani-covered face


This brutal attack resulted in Joey’s good looks right now

But we wonder… was this attack justified!!??

What are your thoughts…. Let us know