Once upon a time, there was a woman named Joana Kalokalo Ravono, also known as Bunene, who was planning a trip with her Leadership Fiji squad to the old capital of Fiji, Levuka.



The purpose of this trip was to participate in a community project that her LF squad was assigned to do (Remember when she graduated from Leadership Fiji? Yeah she’s making leadership moves now lol), but Bunene also had ulterior motives for this expedition.

Every Friday, she goes on a little adventure to find out the answers to some questions that tend to be left unanswered in the Fijian community.



Last week Friday, she decided to use her Levuka trip to find out how many steps were at Mission Hill, Levuka. Was it really 99 steps like what she and her friends had convinced everyone or was it the 199 steps that Penny and Tifa were telling her it was.

Before she left Suva, she was convinced that there were only 99 steps. On her way to the Natovi warf, Penny and Tifa called her early in the morning to let her know that it was actually 199 steps.



The news wasn’t received well but she decided to confide in her LF squad and they reassured her that it was 99 steps!

They then made a wager against Penny and Tifa on live radio and said that if it was 99 steps, Tifa and Penny would have to do 100 push-ups. If Tifa and Penny were right, Bunene and her LF squad would have to walk up and down the 199 steps another 3 times.

The day continued on like normal and it was time for Bunene and her squad to finally go up the steps.

Watch the video below to watch the mystery of how many steps there were unfold.


Now the only video left is for Bunene and her LF squad to document them walking up and down the steps 3 times since they obviously lost the bet.