“Dementia is a family disease”  these are the words shared by Bruce Willis wife, Emma Hemming Willis in an interview on Today.

In February, Bruce’s family shared his diagnosis and after multiple tests, it has been confirmed that he actor has frontotemporal dementia. This a form of dementia that can cause difficulties in communication.

“What I’m learning is that dementia is hard,” she said during the Sept. 25 episode of Today. “It’s hard on the person diagnosed, it’s also hard on the family. And that is no different for Bruce, or myself, or our girls. When they say this is a family disease, it really is.”

As Emma explained, learning the details of the actor health condition “was the blessing and the curse.”

“To finally understand what was happening, so that I could be into the acceptance of what is, it doesn’t make it any less painful,” she shared. “But just being in the know of what is happening to Bruce makes it a little easier.”