In order to avoid having to cancel the pricey ceremony, the father of an Indonesian groom who vanished on the day of his wedding married the bride.


One Indonesian woman’s wedding day, which was supposed to be the happiest day of her life, soon turned into a humiliating nightmare when her future spouse vanished on the big day.


The young lady, who has only been given the name SA by Indonesian media sites, is from the South Halmahera settlement of Jikotamo, and she is rumoured to be engaged to the groom. On August 29, the day of their wedding, the man fled, leaving her to inform the guests that the ceremony had been postponed.


Since the dowry had already been paid and the wedding preparations had cost a small fortune, it appears that both families found this to be unbelievable. As a result, the groom’s father intervened and married SA.

Even though the groom’s departure seems to have caused the bride’s family great embarrassment, it seemed that their major priority was to spend about 25 million rupiah ($1,700) on wedding preparations. It was out of the question to lose that much by postponing the wedding, so the groom’s father stepped in.


On Indonesian social media, responses to this unique wedding have been divided, with some poking fun of the circumstance and others lamenting the young bride’s misfortune.