A blind dad forced to sell mops on streets to feed his kids after being evicted from his home has been gifted $120,000 (£99,000) from strangers.

Sebastian Ibanez, from Mesa in Arizona, US, struggled to find work as he was blind and partially deaf with many employers refusing to give the dad a job.

He resorted to selling brooms and mops on the street in 2015 to help support his wife, who has cancer, and his three kids.

Sebastian, who would stay on the street until 6 pm, has kept his prices the same, with a broom costing $6 (£5) or two for $10 (£8).

He would hold up banners and signs which said “working to support my family” and “now accepting cash app payments” alongside his products.

Each Friday, he would head to the street at the exact location and would inform his customers on social media.

He was trying to build up a loyal following, but one business owner ordered him off the street as he didn’t want him there.