A clever beauty fan has offered a simple tip to those looking to revitalize tired or lifeless hair, and the unlikely answer is probably buried somewhere in your underwear drawer.

Everybody’s hair loses a bit of shine every now and then, and you don’t necessarily need to splash out on a trolley load of beauty products to bring it back to life.

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As demonstrated by one resourceful woman, you can rejuvenate your locks through a process known as ‘hair slugging’, which you can try out for yourself by simply digging out one of your old fuzzy bedsocks.

In a TikTok video, hair expert Monique declares that she believes this treatment to be “literally the best thing for your hair”, claiming that she has managed to completely transform her tresses over a year and a half.

In the clip, Monique, demonstrated how she managed to turn her hair from “dry, brittle, dead and dull” to the enviably glossy look she has today.

Monique explained: “Before going to bed apply a lightweight oil to your ends. Then grab a fuzzy sock (yes you read that right) and use it to protect your ends from damage plus friction while you sleep. Use a scrunchie to keep it in place”.

According to Monique, this technique will “lock in moisture overnight and help hydrate your hair while making it silky smooth”.

So the next time you think about throwing away that bed sock, think again friend…it might just bring your hair back to life.