Pop singer Bebe Rexha was rushed off the stage during her concert in New York on Sunday after she was hit in the face with a fan’s cell phone.

In a video clip shared to social media, Rexha is seen performing in a pink, sparkly corset with matching trousers when a phone is hurled from the crowd and bounces off the 33-year-old singer’s head.  She clutched her face as she turned her back to the audience and collapsed to her knees.

Several crew members are then seen emerging from the wings to escort Rexha backstage as the crowd chanted her name. Other audience members shouted “That’s assault” when security intervened and pulled the man who allegedly threw the phone over the stage’s barrier.

TMZ reported Rexha needed three stitches to close the wound on her face.

We LOVEEE a resilient queen! She then took to Instagram with a post saying “I’m Good”.

The New York Police Department said they arrested a 27-year-old man, Nicolas Malvagna, on assault charges for “intentionally” throwing the phone at Rexha.

This is just sad. One must always remember, that celebrities (artists and actors) are humans too.

Source: GlobalNews