I’ve seen a couple of posts lately about people pretending that they’ve “accidentally” sent money to people via M-Paisa and then calling them asking them to send it back when really, the victim is just sending money out of their own pocket because no money has been deposited in the first place.

How they do it is they’ll send you a copied and pasted message from your network provider but you can tell the difference because if you were getting a legitimate message about money being deposited in your account, the number you’ll be getting it from is 818.

If you’re getting it from a normal mobile number (+6799******) then that’s just a copied and pasted message.

Unfortunately, there have been some people who fell victim to this, but there are also people raising awareness about these scammers.

If you have M-Paisa, be careful about who you give your details to and don’t, under any condition, give your OTP or Pin number.