Much though having your first child is typically an immensely memorable experience, for one couple, having their daughter on their respective birthdays made the experience even more poignant. On November 18, Simone Milner turned 29 while her partner Matthew Leigh turned 40. Little Alma Leigh was miraculously born three weeks past her due date, sharing her parents’ birthday with them in the process.

After sharing the same birthday for six years, the couple has referred to their tardy arrival as the “greatest present ever.” Baby Alma, who arrived a whole 15 days later than anticipated, has now joined the birthday club.

It would have been a really wonderful day whenever she arrived, but this was incredible,” said Simone, a resident of Stockport, Cheshire.
The finest birthday present ever is her. That is the best you can do, and this truly is a memorable day.

“I have to say that it didn’t feel at all like a birthday after giving birth. I just recall Mat saying “Happy Birthday” just after midnight while I was pretty high on gas and air. Oh, is it our birthday, I thought.

She was 15 days past due, so it was a far cry. It almost seems like she chose to see us on our birthday.

They were pleased to learn that their baby came safely two weeks later than they had anticipated on November 3.

It’s magical, Mat elucidated. Sharing the date as a family is incredibly special.

“It makes two very important days of the year easier to remember for someone with a bad memory.”