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Author: Penny Lido / Page 2

Brazil Experiences Massive Flood The Day After Carnival

Written by on 14 March 2023

As a number of revellers took to the streets to partake in what they labelled the “Devil Carnival,” Brazil’s annual Carnival celebrations took an ugly turn. Participants at the celebration in Rio de Janeiro were decked out in red and black costumes, with many sporting devil horns and pitchforks. Even some partygoers wore masks decorated […]

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It’s Raining Worms In China!

Written by on 13 March 2023

Residents of the city of Liaoning, in the Chinese province of Liaoning, reportedly received instructions to seek cover after seeing an unusual phenomenon in which worm-like animals or objects began to fall from the sky. What appeared to be earthworms were observed on cars and on the streets of Liaoning in a viral video clip. […]

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Google Headquarters Doesn’t Cut Grass they Hire Goats

Written by on 10 March 2023

In the spring of 2009, Google hired a local company that brought in some 200 goats for a week to eat (and simultaneously fertilize) the grass surrounding its campus.     The goats were less noisy than traditional lawnmowers, and because they didn’t use gasoline or spew out exhaust, they were thought to be a […]

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Written by on 9 March 2023

The Fijian term ‘namu’ translates to mosquito. It is often used as a term that describes an individual that is fond of freeloading. A namu can easily be recognised as a person who attends a social gathering without bringing any contribution (sevusevu). That could be in the form of kava, alcohol or food. This behaviour […]

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