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Author: Penny Lido / Page 2

Rihanna Says She Wants to Release Music this Year

Written by on 26 October 2023

We’ve been waiting seven long years for this woman to release a new album, but she hasn’t come out with anything since 2016 and it physically hurts!!     We won’t even count Lift Me Up since that was specifically for the Black Panther 2 movie, so that one we’ll chalk it up to her […]

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Man Makes A Living As Human Punching Bag

Written by on 25 October 2023

For the last 11 years, “Turkey’s first and only stress coach” has been making a living by letting people punch him, without ever punching back. Hasan Riza Gunay started working as a human punching bag in 2010, after finding inspiration in Turkish director Kemal Sunal’s classic movie “Sark Bulbulu” (Eastern Nightingale), in which the protagonist […]

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Man Tries to Take Driving Test in his Neighbor’s Place

Written by on 23 October 2023

How far would you go for your friend? Would you take their driving test to ensure they get a license? I’ve heard of people hiring look-alikes and stand-ins to take tests for them. They usually have to look super similar to the person paying for the job to be done so that it’s more convincing. […]

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Will Smith Released An “Official Statement” After Jada Pinkett-Smith Announced Their Seperation

Written by on 19 October 2023

Smith and his spouse—or is it his ex-spouse?— Following the publication of her memoir Worthy and her press tour, during which she made several significant discoveries, Jada Pinkett Smith is currently the subject of intense media interest.   Among them was the assertion that she and Will hadn’t been living together for a very long […]

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Aftermath of a Legendary Match

Written by on 19 October 2023

What did  All Blacks players Ioane and Retallick actually say to the Irish players? There’s been a lot of talk about what was said to the Irish lads after this World Cup quarterfinal win on Saturday. So here is the tea. Not long after the final whistle, Johnny Sexton had a heat exchange of unpleasantries […]

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Fussy Kid Only Eats Chocolate and Chips

Written by on 18 October 2023

A fussy Aussie kid hates eating anything other than chocolate and chips. Rocco O’Brien, from Ipswich, lived on a diet of Cadbury’s chocolate bars, Nutella spread and Pringles salty chips. Photo Credit: LADbible And if that wasn’t bad enough, he’d wash everything down with chocolate milk. The eight-year-old would even become nauseous when given other foods. Whenever […]

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