Weightlifter Miles Taylor broke his own record with an amazing deadlift.


Taylor uploaded a video to Instagram in which he could be seen deadlifting 200 pounds. Nic Myers, his trainer, and other gymgoers encouraged him. Taylor, a cerebral palsy sufferer, broke a personal record by lifting 99 lbs., which is double his own weight.


The video had received more than 113,000 views on Instagram and numerous Twitter shoutouts.


He was highlighted in a 2018 report by Baltimore’s WMAR-2 News that detailed his exercise adventure the year before. After Myers persuaded Taylor, a photographer, to shoot pictures of strongman competition, Taylor began exercising.


According to WMAR, Taylor set a U.S. record for his weight class last year when he deadlifted 156 lbs.


Click on the link to watch the full Instagram video: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bpc6p6-FUtw/