Actress Drew Barrymore recently uploaded a short video of her frolicking in the rain. No big deal right? Apparently not. An African-American Tiktok user posted a video claiming that Barrymore was being racist. Watch the video below for an “explanation”


Note how we put explanations in quotes because like you, we have no idea what she’s so angry about. After some Googling, we found 2 possible explanations, both of which are utterly ridiculous, for her video

  1. A few black Tiktok users have posted videos of them frolicking in the rain, so apparently, white people doing the same is cultural appropriation
  2. When black women go in the rain, it turns their hair frizzy, unmanageable and unattractive. This doesn’t happen to straight hair, so white women having a rain bath is an insult to black women.

Wow!! This is too much again… what are your thoughts?