Adele has once again showed the world that she is pure class. With spectacular stage performances throughout the weekend.

Her 32-date residency began last weekend at The Colosseum at Caesar’s Palace and by all accounts, Adele has been magnificent. The stage work has been incredible, pianos bursting into flames, rain falling to the stage and the Megan Thee Stallion choreo.

But one act in particular really blew the minds of viewers…

After the Grammy award-winning singer closed the show with Love Is A Game, pink confetti rains down from the ceiling, right on top of Adele.

When the confetti clears, Adele is nowhere to be seen…


Adele’s 32-show Las Vegas residency was suppose to kick off in January, but was postponed due to corona-related issues.

The singer announced the last-minute postponement in a tearful Instagram video she shared in January, telling fans that the show was “not ready”.

But now, she certainly outdone herself.