Well, this whipped cream will give you a hiding in the sense that it’s infused with alcohol and I’m no genius but Alcohol + whipping cream = Quite a punch.

Cardi B’s new line of whipped cream sold out within minutes of going on sale.

The 29-year-old rap star’s Whipshots – a vodka-infused whipped cream – went on sale on Wednesday, and the cans were all sold within minutes.

The ‘WAP’ hitmaker – who has previously called the brand “Cardi in a can” – took to Twitter to announce its release.


Cardi announced plans to launch Whipshots earlier this year when she claimed that the brand “matches [her] style”.

She said at the time:

“I’m so excited to join Starco Brands with this incredible opportunity. Whipshots matches my style – over the top, sexy, unique. Together we’re completely innovating whipped cream and giving it an extra pop. Whipshots is Cardi in a can.”

I’m not a big whip cream kinda person but this whole this seems like vodka and chaser all in one bottle….Sobe Sobe