The Labasa Women’s Football team left our shores to embark on an extraordinary journey to the Solomon Islands, not just for the love of the game, but also for a chance to delve into the rich culture and natural wonders of this Pacific paradise. The experience prove to be a thrilling adventure, offering glimpses into the lives of the Solomon Islanders that left a lasting impression on the team.

Vula of the FM96 Drive Home Show is part of the Labasa Women’s Team.
Upon arrival, she shared that the Labasa women were greeted with warm smiles, a reflection of the hospitality ingrained in the local culture.

“ We were immersed in the vibrant tapestry of Solomon Islands’ traditions, experiencing the harmonious blend of Melanesian, Polynesian, and Micronesian influences that define the region.”

One particular moment that left the team in awe was the encounter with a colossal snail and a breathtakingly large butterfly. For the Labasa players, accustomed to a different set of fauna back home, this was a magical and somewhat surprising experience. The sheer size and vibrancy of these creatures painted a vivid picture of the Solomon Islands’ biodiversity, a testament to the pristine ecosystems.

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