A Texas educator, dissatisfied with the limited presidential choices of Joe Biden and Donald Trump, has taken an unconventional route by legally adopting the name “Literally Anybody Else” and throwing his hat into the ring for the White House.

Formerly known as Dustin Ebey, this U.S. Army veteran has launched a campaign website outlining his platform for the upcoming 2024 election. With Trump and Biden already securing their positions as the presumptive Republican and Democratic nominees, Literally Anybody Else is challenging the status quo.


In his campaign bio, Literally Anybody Else emphasizes the need to prioritize governance over party loyalty, declaring, “For too long, Americans have suffered from political parties prioritizing their own interests over the needs of the people. Together, let’s send a message to Washington: Represent the people or make way for someone who will.”

To make his mark on the election, Literally Anybody Else aims to gather 113,000 signatures from Texas non-primary voters by May, ensuring his name appears on the general election ballot. Should this effort fall short, he encourages supporters to write in his name as a “Neither” option, advocating for a fresh perspective in American politics.