A 29-year-old was set up on a date by his mother

When he went to the restaurant as they had planned, he walked in to find his date had turned up with 23 of her relatives.

She said, “Let’s all eat together”, and despite not receiving any advance warning that the party for two had turned into a party for 25.



What would you do in this situation? Well for this guy, he enjoyed the meal with 24 strangers… and fled

That’s right this guy straight up ghosted this huge family and to be honest… I DON’T BLAME HIM AT ALL!! LMAO

ESPECIALLY, when the bill for this mini-reunion amounted to 19,800 Yuan ($6,442.35-FJD)

The Lady desperately tried to contact the man but to no avail

She wrote in family chat:

Hi everyone, thank you for your support during my last blind date. The guy and I agreed before the date that he would pay for the meal.

Someone created trouble during the meal by claiming that the guy is rich, so they should eat more and test his generosity. It made the whole situation unbearable.

I am the biggest victim in this situation. Because the amount spent far exceeds what I am able to pay. My reputation has also been damaged.

I don’t care who ordered cigarettes and alcohol. I hope the bill can be split equally among us all.

In the end, the man did agree to pay 4,398 Yuan ($1,433.29-FJD) and the rest the woman will have to share with her relatives.