Although they are becoming more prevalent, waterproof cell phones are still rather uncommon in Western markets. But in Japan, where they have existed for over ten years, practically every phone is watertight. 90% to 95% of phones in Japan, according to data, are water resistant since users need to be able to use them while taking showers.


It seems that Japanese smartphone owners are so devoted to their devices that they take them with them into the shower. Early on, manufacturers were aware of this peculiar practice and understood that making their products water-resistant was essential to success in Japan.

After the debut of the Casio Canu 502S, the first waterproof mobile phone in history, in 2005, a line of waterproof portable devices from Fujitsu quickly followed. Before long, waterproofing was a must for any manufacturer trying to get into the Japanese market.

To stay competitive in Japan, even firms like LG and Samsung, which typically don’t produce waterproof phones for the international market, had to change.

They weren’t kidding when they said technology was taking over. Do you use your phone in the shower?