In a time when the majority of people are unable to walk properly, a Japanese guy is making history by shattering world records.

The oldest surfer in the world, according to Guinness World Records, is an 89-year-old Japanese surfer who has been surfing for less than ten years.

Seiichi Sano, 89, was 88 years and 288 days old, according to the organization that keeps records, when Guinness World Records confirmed that he surfed the waves on July 8 of last year.

On September 23, 1933, Mr. Seiichi was born in Hokkaido, making this year his 90th birthday.

He relocated to Tokyo after finishing high school and enrolled in a wireless telegraph school there. Seiichi would take a number of occupations in the post-war era, including those as a doorman at a foreigners’ club and cabaret personnel.

Mr. Seiichi is not a professional surfer and has no interest in learning the fundamentals of surfing. He performs a 180-degree jump on the surfboard as his go-to move. And a lot of the time, he just likes to relax on his board while admiring the scenery.