Following a car accident, killer bees attacked six persons, including a mother and her eight-year-old daughter, killing them all, according to local media.

The dead were reportedly among the about 60 passengers on a coach that overturned in Nicaragua and crashed into a location where African honeybees were housed in hives.

45 passengers on the bus are alleged to have been stung by the enraged insects as they fled the bus.

Despite the coach being damaged after going off the road and onto a coffee plantation where bees were kept in wooden hives, local media sources indicate that doctors are blaming the bug stings for the passengers’ demise.

Initial reports suggest the 22-year-old driver lost control of his car due to technical issues, but the reason of the accident is still under investigation.

A mixture of the Western honey bee and the Africanized honey bee is referred to as the “killer bee” in popular culture.

Compared to other types of honey bees, they are often more defensive, responding to disturbances faster and chasing people farther.

They have caused the deaths of 1,000 people, and their victims have received ten times as many stings as those from European honey bees.