There is a reputation for an abundance of Italian-American cuisine, particularly pasta, in New York City’s suburbs.

Hundreds of pounds of pasta were discovered discarded in the woods in the New Jersey town of Old Bridge last week, despite the fact that the carb-heavy noodles are often found in family-owned restaurants and grocery stores.

Pasta of various shapes, including elbows, rigatoni, and linguine, was piled up. The noodles were fully cooked, and it is still unclear how they came to be discarded at a random location alongside a river. Since then, the piles have been cleared away.


The news spread quickly on Reddit after Old Bridge resident Nina Jochnowitz, who is standing for city council in the community, posted pictures of the disaster in a Facebook group. This prompted scores of amusing responses.


One Reddit user suggested that “We should send the perpetrators to the state penne tentiary.”

One more said, “Al Dente is the main suspect.”

Jochnowitz thanked the public works agency for clearing up the roughly 500-pound disaster in a Facebook post.