Half of all women reportedly have a “Plan B,” or someone they’re keeping on the back burner in case their current relationship doesn’t work out, according to a survey by the British business OnePoll.com.


Furthermore, married women are more likely to be considering another man in the event of a divorce than single women.

that is the fortunate guy that gets to be back up now?


He’s usually an “old friend” that the woman has known for about seven years, according to OnePoll.com. It might also be a coworker, an ex-husband or boyfriend, or even simply a random person the cunning woman met at the gym.


Furthermore, the ladies with a backup plan seem to be quite secure in the affection of their second-in-line. Ten per cent of respondents claimed he had already expressed his “undying love” for her, and five per cent said they were sure he would “drop everything” for her if she asked.


Guys, don’t feel totally in the dark either. Approximately 50% of the women who had a backup plan stated that their current partner knew about the other man, and 15% indicated they could joke with their partner about the third person.


The survey’s most unexpected finding, though, may be that 25% of the women who stated they were thinking about a backup relationship also indicated they felt the same way about the other man as they did about their present boyfriend!