A South Florida teacher was taken to the hospital last week after she was attacked by a 5-year-old student

She was dazed and unresponsive

The unidentified instructor was found by first responders “sitting on the ground against the wall” and “appearing to be in a faint state” at Pines Lakes Elementary School

The troubling incident started when a 5-year-old boy had to be removed from class for “throwing things around” and “flipping the chairs,” police said.

The youngster was taken to an empty “cool down” room, where the attack on the teacher allegedly took place, police said.

The teacher was taken to Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood and has since been released.

While the young suspect is still being investigated for possible “aggravated assault with hands, fist and feet,” it’s unlikely he’ll be criminally prosecuted.

Prosecutors would be hard-pressed to show that this 5-year-old had the ability to distinguish right from wrong, a police representative said.

Aleksandra Aukett


Aleksandra Aukett, 44, was traumatised and suffered multiple soft tissue injuries when “punched, pinched and kicked” by the “big for his age” reception class child in 2017 while trying to keep order.

Ms Aukett, who stepped up to the witness box at Central London County Court using crutches, says she has been left with “life-changing” chronic pain and has not returned to work due to a fear of going back to the “school environment” in the aftermath of her ordeal.

Today, on the second day of a planned three-day trial, the council agreed to settle the case, handing Ms Aukett £140,338 compensation, as well as paying her lawyers’ bills.


Aleksandra Aukett is suing over school attack