I’m pretty sure we all have seen someone from across the room and might have wanted to strike up a conversation but were probably too shy or never knew how to strike up a conversation.  Never fear!  Here are a few tips to help you along the way
#1 :  Say Something Relevant To The Situation

When it comes to approaching people  ,  the easiest way to open a conversation is to ask a question that is relevant to the situation. She explains, “If you’re at the movies for  example, for example, ask the person, ‘What movie are you seeing, you think it’ll be exciting?.’ Talking about something related to your setting makes for a smoother transition.” When you think about it, this makes complete sense.

When it comes to conversation starters, sometimes the more simple a sentence sounds, the more effective it is.

#2 : Avoid Corny Pickup Lines

AVOID PICKUP LINES!. Although they can sometimes be effective, more often than not they can lead to awkward conversations. Pick up lines can also be interpreted as too straightforward because they are so widely syndicated. Some people might not take them seriously because it can seem as if you did not care enough to come up with something original.

Going from not talking to someone, to saying something like, “Did it hurt when you fell from the sky?” will likely make your crush feel like you’re not serious about getting to know them.

#3 : Start By Talking To The People Near Your Crush

Another way to transition into a conversation with someone cute is by taking into account your surroundings. If you’re at a bar or a party with a lot of people, start talking to those around you — even if you’re not interested in them romantically. Once you get used to talking to new people who you’re not attracted to, you may feel less nervous about approach your crush

“By the time you get to the person you like, you’re 1) warmed up, and 2) just seem like the friendly person who talks to everyone,” Ettin says. An even better version of this trick is to start by talking to the person of interest’s friends. That way, they might organically join in the conversation all on their own.

#4 : Try Not To Hover

Beware of hovering — it has the potential to seriously freak people out. By lurking, you can make a person uncomfortable. Most people can sense when a person is silently hovering near them, and they can take it as a signal to move far, far away. Even if you don’t mean to be creepy, you never want to make someone feel unsafe.

On a related note, be sure to pay attention to what this person is doing. Do they seem like they want to be alone? For example, if your crush is the receptionist at an office, keep in mind that they are working and are most likely extremely busy. If they seem open to talking, you can consider striking up a conversation, but be sure to respect their personal space.

#5 : Trust Yourself And Remember That No One Will Judge You For Trying

Remember that as long as you’re respectful, it’s unlikely that you’ll be judged for innocently introducing yourself to someone. “It can be difficult to approach a stranger and start a conversation,” Ettin explains. “Just remember that no one can shame you for trying, even if you don’t get the response you’re looking for.” Treat every encounter as a learning experience!

Keep in mind that the very person you’re so nervous to talk to might be feeling the exact same way about approaching you! So many people struggle with shyness, and talking to strangers can be so difficult. Be kind to yourself, know that you have a lot to offer. The next time you see a cutie in public — put your new skills to the test. There’s no shame in taking a risk!