We have all heard those crazy stories about phone chargers. Some are so farfetched that they borderline on superstition. There are a lot of rules regarding charging phones. Some of them are true and should be followed by everyone. However, some are just plain foolish. Over the years, batteries have evolved just as much as phones had. These batteries will last for around three to five years if taken proper care of.

Here are the top five myths about charging phones that have been proven untrue-

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5. MYTH– Different Chargers Will Destroy The Battery

Truth– Different chargers work fine as long as they are not replicas

People claim that using different chargers for different phones will affect the battery of the phone. Now, this is nothing but a myth. Different chargers work just as fine as the original charger. The performance may not be optimum, but it will charge fine without damaging the battery. The problem is using knockoff chargers. Those things can and do damage the batteries.


4. MYTH– Charging All Night Will Kill Your Battery

Truth– Your battery knows when to stop.

The myth about charging overnight is a common one. People think that charging all throughout the night will damage and eventually kill the battery. The truth is that your batteries are equipped to take the overnight charging. Once it reaches maximum charge, it stops charging altogether. This means that the battery isn’t even in use at all. However, that does not mean you will charge your phone all night every day. Keeping the phone charged between 40% to 80% will allow your battery to last longer.


3. MYTH – Shouldn’t Use The Phone While It Is Charging

Truth– Using it is fine as long as the chargers are original.

There are legit concerns over this charging myth. People believe that if you use the phone while it is charging then the phone will explode. Some say that you can be electrocuted if you are using it while the charger is on. There have been a few incidents where the phone did explode. However, in all of those cases, the user was charging their phones with fake charges. Those things can be deadly. If you are using the manufacturer-approved charges then there are no risks of the phone exploding. So you can use it as much as you want.

2. MYTH- Never Turn Off Your Phone

Truth– Turning off the phone helps the battery.

Everything has its limits even if the thing in question is a phone. Turning off your phone every once in a while helps the battery life. According to an Apple expert, turning off your phone from time to time will maximize the battery life. So if you are somebody who is always on the phone, it is advisable that you turn off your phone at night to get the best out of your battery.

1. MYTH- Charge Your Phone Only When It Is Completely Dead.

Truth– Frequent charging is better than deep charging.

The idea that your phone should be charged only when it is completely drained is actually wrong. If you constantly let your batteries drain to 0% then the battery becomes somewhat unstable. So it is better to charge your phone every now and then.

BONUS FACT – Heat will destroy your battery.

There is no denying the fact that heating will damage your battery. Lithium-ion batteries heat up as you charge them. So if you place them near a hot surface then chances are that they will be damaged. Similarly, cold temperatures also affect the batteries. Cold batteries die quicker in low temperatures.

If you were like and used to believe the nonsense everyone used to tell us about charging methods, you and I have been enlightened.

Source: CuriousMob